Practical Knowledge for Professionals
A number of GIS certificate programs exist across the United States. Virtually all of these consist of standard geography and GIS courses developed to meet the academic requirements of degree programs. Some of these courses are then collected into a "certificate" and offered to the general public. These programs are often too long and academically focused to meet the needs of working professionals.

Our certificate program, as developed, is not exclusively academic. Courses in this program do cover fundamental concepts and theories, but they are offered in a "need-to-know" fashion in order to provide context to GIS tools and techniques. The focus of this program is to provide professionals the knowledge and techniques required to perform their job. Practical, hands-on experience is the goal.

The Professional Certificate in Geographic Information Systems developed by Global View, Inc. includes many unique and innovative features.  The following is a brief synopsis of the major features that make this program an exceptional and unique offering:
Customizable Program
Practical Content
Professional Trainers
Consistent Curriculum
Industry Leading Platform
Modular Course Structure

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