Global View Inc. provides subject matter expertise to users of Earth Observation Systems and related remote sensing systems. We continue to develop our expertise through the use and application of these data on diverse topics spanning the globe. In addition to remotely sensed data and image processing, this expertise extends to system selection and implementation, data extraction and integration, and broad area distribution systems.

Our projects have ranged from high spatial resolution imagery project to broad-regional and continental scale analysis and modeling. We have extensive experience in support of National Security and Policy objectives, environmental analysis and modeling, and integration of remotely sensed data with GIS and GPS operations.

We specialize in the application of remote sensing technology in the following areas:
Intelligence applications
Environmental assessment
Natural resource inventory and management
Agricultural applications and precision agriculture
Hazard analysis
Emergency management
Integration with Geographic Information Systems

Global View has airborne and satellite system experience with a variety of sensor systems including:
Aerial photography
Airborne imagery
Synthetic Aperture Radar
° Radarsat
Multispectral and Hyperspectral Systems
° Landsat MSS
° Landsat TM
° Landsat ETM
High-resolution Satellite Imagery

° Digital Earth

We provide problem based solutions with the proper data applied to the task at hand.

Applications Projects – We perform Remote Sensing processing and analysis to address complex issues related to events on or near the surface of the earth. We will bring the best data and tools to bear to provide you the answers you need. Whether it is conservation planning, environmental modeling, security assessments, or large-scale mapping operations, we can bring the right resources to tackle the problem.

Data Production – Remote Sensing proves to be a critical source of information for spatial data operations. Data production, integration, change-detection, and updating are all vital to maintaining accurate and valid databases.

Technical Assistance and Training – Global View can provide  needs assessment and implementation planning to get your organization up and running with geospatial technologies such as GIS, Remote Sensing, and GPS. Furthermore we provide comprehensive training solutions to develop your workforce’s indigenous capabilities. Consider us your subject matter experts on projects you are taking on.