Training Philosophy
There are a variety of types of training available to the professional workforce. The two most prevalent types are technology oriented vendor-based training and academic oriented college courses. Neither of these principle forums provides the type of learning experience the professional workforce requires.

Vendor-based training typically provides a what-button-to-click course that teaches how operations are performed in a specific software environment. Leaving out the how or why of a specific operation. Hands-on exercises always work as they should and as a result students are not provided the problem solving skill-set required in the workplace.

Academic courses are an excellent source of fundamental information and conceptual aspects of technology and its application. For degree seeking students they provide a vital foundation for a long-term career. However, for the professional workforce they are too long, provide unnecessary information, and are often deficient in providing a cutting-edge skill-set.

Our courses are designed to bridge the gap between learning the technology and understanding the context of specific operations. We provide not only the know-how to operate with a high degree of skill on specific software platforms but the understanding of what one is doing and why. Our courses deliver a problem solving approach to geospatial technologies that is design to develop a student’s ability to understand the context of spatial data as well as the analytical capabilities of GIS. Practical information by experience professionals that will quickly maximize your employees’ ability to apply these technologies.